We understand that not only usual people change their places of residence, but offices need sometimes to do it too. That is why our company presents you the commercial service package, which contains all the needed services to transport your business to another place to Irvine. You can rely on our movers, be calm about time and furniture because we give you a guarantee that all will be done in the best way.

Commercial moving services Irvine

To let you understand how it is comfortable for transportation of your office to order our commercial service package, we want to tell you about every service, which it contains.

  • Half of the job is to make a good plan and a check-list. That is why our mover comes to your office and together with you makes a plan with the timing of the moving day and a check-list of all furniture which must be transported to another office.
  • On the day of transportation, movers take to your office all needed packing materials and pack all the furniture, which is present there. We have special boxes for electronic, fragile things and office furniture. So, pack all needed and put it into the vehicle is not a problem for our movers.
  • We have a new modern vehicle, which lets us transport any number of office furniture on any place in Irvine. We relocate all accurately, remember, that your furniture is in safety and you don`t have reasons to worry about.
  • If you and your colleagues don`t want to unpack the incredible quantity of boxes – we will do this. Just explain to us what and where must stand and we will furniture your new office perfectly.
  • For you to be sure that we are those movers, whom you can rely on, we provide insurance for commercial movings to Irvine. You should just choose the type of insurance which suits your business the most and be confident that the relocation will be perfect because you have a guarantee.

Commercial movers near me Irvine

We are sure that when you are looking for the ideal company to relocate your business, you think “if there was the best moving company near me in Irvine…” And here we are! Your dreams have come true because you have just found best movers. You should just get to know the price of transportation and fill in the commercial moving form. And voila! You work in the new office and your boss is satisfied.